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natalie holmes

1 month ago

Tried and tested... very yummy soup and so easy to make. Really hearty for these cold days ... I did love it 🙂

All of these tips are amazing , thank you. I am definitely investing in an avocado slicer and also the dicing of an onion is brilliant and definitely taking this on board ... I did try the chef way you mentioned but as you say , I definitely havent got the knife skills,  this way is awesome 😊 thank you so much 👍😊

I enjoyed your video, I do so like cream of leek and potato soup. I enjoy your relaxed manner and you even enjoy a nosh of wine or other brew while making your recipe. Do you remember The Galloping Gourmet, he always had wine while making his recipe.Your directions are so plain anyone should be able to make this soup. Thank you so much for sharing.


The Clyde Guide

Austin T

1 day ago

I never would have thought of using cream cheese in a carbonara, or should I say ‘Clyde’bonara!

Big fan from Texas